The Macallan Platform

The Macallan is an icon in the Single Malt whisky world and the number 1 brand in terms of sales value. The reputation of The Macallan is built on a product of exceptional quality and character. Commitment and the highest attention to details are the hallmarks of The Macallan. The Platform is yet another material next to The Macallan Stand or The Macallan Counter Display produced so far. Like all the materials we have created for this brand, the skillfully made platform is characterized by numerous refinements that emphasize the highest quality of whisky. Using our extensive experience, the idea was to create such POS material that twould represetn the brand in an excellent and an adequate form, reflecting a top-class product. The whole is complemented by the subtle illumination of the timeless bottle, satin chevron, and precise cut oak wood.

Ramazzotti Highlight Placement The Macallan Counter Display
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