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Industry magazines, local press, the largest business magazines in Poland. See what the media write about ATS Display and in which media our experts have given their views recently!

OOH Magazine (January - March 2021)

During the crisis in the 1990's, McDonalds decided to cut advertising spending. As a result, it lost nearly 30% of its turnover and Pizza Hut, which continued to invest in marketing activities gained over 60%. What is a "crisis marketing" and what has the pandemic changed in the marketing ? How will 2021 look like in the industry? Check January edition of  OOH Magazine!

Visual Communication (10/2020)

Visual Communication magazine is  an information exchange platform  for all sectors of visual and marketing communication since 2009. The end of 2020 was devoted to the issue of POS materials from creation to implementation. We talked about the approach to the design os POS materials for the clients as well as  priorities which determine  tasks ahead for a producer providing a comprehensive service. 

OOH Magazine (October - December 2020)

Gender marketing. Does it work? Is there a  ceratain set of rules you need to follow  when in marketing /advertising industry?  How do you go about it novadays?  



OOH Magazine (June - September 2020)

As the reality of every day has changed worldwide we have talked a little bit about the importance of good understanding and relations within the team and with the customers during home office era. We also talked about help and support we should be providing to one another during this specific year.

OOH Magazine (January 2020)


This year's first edition of OHH Magazine treats about automotive industry. Where do you place yourself as POS materials manufacturer within this massive amount of connected businesses?


OOH Magazine (September 2019)


An opinion-forming OOH magazine with national coverage has published an article about durable POS materials, used repeatedly depending on changing campaigns throughout the year.


OOH Magazine (April 2019)


In the advertising magazine OOH, our expert commented on shopper marketing, with a focus on the POSM industry in the digital age.


Wiadomości Handlowe (November 2018)


In a popular magazine for the retail industry, our experts talked about what to pay attention to in the Christmas campaign at the point of sale.

Forbes (April 2018)

In the article on sales support and trends in the POS materials market, our spectacular exposition for Fuze Tea brand was presented as an example. We also had the opportunity to hear from our CEO about market trends. 

Powiązania (April 2018)


Powiązania - a local newspaper reported on the events from the gala of the Golden Elm competition addressed to outstanding companies in the Wiązowna Commune. ATS Display was awarded the title of the employer of the year for 2017!

Gift Journal (February 2018)


The success of our company in the German industry competition - Superstar display was also noticed by Gift Journal - the magazine of the advertising and gift industry

display magazine (January 2018)


As the triple winner of the German industry competition Superstar, our company has been described in the largest German POS magazine - display. The article contains comments of the Sales Director and CEO of the company - Adam Stankiewicz.

Newsweek (June 2017)


One of the largest Polish weekly magazines, Newsweek, described one of our award-winning exhibitions, Coca-Cola X-mas truck, in its material on point-of-sale campaigns. 

Forbes (January 2017)


Forbes Diamons is a nationwide, 10-year ranking of more than 1,000 companies that have increased their value for three years in a row by at least 23 percent per year and are characterized by an innovative approach to business. As we have been among the winners of the contest, Forbes magazine wrote a story about success of our company, taking into account the statement of our proxy - Katarzyna.

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