Coca-Cola Modern Truck

We proudly present you with our newest creation: Coca-Cola Modern Truck. This innovative design with its clever and engaging solutions encourages the customers to become a part of this interesting encounter. This amazing POS delivers a whole load of fun: working pedals when pushed release the sound of a car picking up speed or breaking, real rubber wheels and a proper steering wheel, flashing lights, button "starting" the engine and real mirrors. Back of the Truck allows for customization of the space designated for pallets. Elements of the pallet wrapper can be adjusted to accommodate 1, 2, 3 or 4 full pallets. All that prepared on canvas of an iconic red Xmas Coca-Cola truck that always brings to mind this special time of the year; Christmas. However, the universal and fun design of this POS allows it be used throughout the year as well. This particular implementation can be experienced in Italy.





Wedel Christmas Exhibition Campari Multibrand Display
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