20 Years of ATS Display

Our Grandfather was a blacksmith, but one who dealt with blacksmithing in artistical way, building anything from everyday objects to carriages. Our Dad was a "handyman" and he always had a way with tools, knowing how to to repair broken things, or to construct something from nothing to make everyday life easier.

For as long as I can remember, I have been doing DIY, building models and experimenting. I knew Adam Słodowy's "Do It Yourself" by heart and often utilized this knowledge wherever it was possible. I waited impatiently for each new issue of "Young Constructor", which often inspired me to construct my own inventions.

POS industry chose me by coincidence but I found my way about it and remained there. ATS Display is a family business and it exists thanks to the determination of my business partner, my brother, who persuaded me to start our own company. From the very beginning, we naturally divided the competences, where Tomek took care of the operational part however design ideas, sales and administration were on my side.

We were always extremely fortuitous with the people we met on our professional way. Motivation, commitment, bright ideas and knowledge builds the very base of the team everyone would like to work with. We are in a position to say that all those years we have been surrounded with people who represent exactly that, for which we are truly grateful.

Currently, I can't imagine what else I could do in my life. Creation, development, tailor-made solutions and vast amount of new implementations are the area in which I fulfill myself. I would like it to continue that way.

Old fashioned photographs always work magic when strolling down memory lane. Please click here!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Adam Stankiewicz


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